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February 1, 2020
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April 5, 2020
Catchbox Plus - Presenter Mic

For many businesses around the world, remote work is the new normal.

Whether it’s a brief chat with colleagues or a company-wide all-hands meeting, communicating via video is now a key part of a company’s day-to-day activity. Similarly, schools and universities are increasingly utilizing video capture technology. Live lecture broadcasts, remote learning and online classrooms are transforming both where and how
students learn.

Even the events industry is embracing the importance of video communications. Live streaming, webinars and presentation recordings are enabling event organizers to keep things moving in spite of current challenges.

The rise of Video Communications

A number of high-quality video communications have emerged to meet this recent surge in demand. Skype , Zoom and Google Hangouts offer quick and easy connections without sacrificing quality.

Though video communication has improved dramatically in recent years, no software platform can ensure your setup is up to the job. Whilst factors such as camera resolution and internet connection are hugely important, it is often the quality of audio that makes-or-breaks a call.

To ensure your video conference, lecture broadcast or livestream is well received by all remote participants, you need a microphone that is up to the task. In-built laptop or PC mics simply won’t cut it when it comes to a serious video set up, especially if you plan on presenting or moving around the room.

At the same time, high-end solutions require pricey hardware and lengthy installation procedures. Finding the right balance can be a challenge for teams with an urgent need for improved VC.

Share what matters with the Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic System

Presenting via video call should not require complex setup or vastly expensive equipment. The Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic System is a beltpack microphone solution that offers crystal clear audio without the need for an extensive hardware setup. With its plug in and play capability, the Plus Presenter Mic ensures high quality video communication via any of the leading VC platforms in minutes.

The best meetings, lectures and events have one thing in common:
they are dynamic, energetic and engaging experiences.

Nobody enjoys watching someone slumped in a chair, clicking through slides and reading off a screen.
Why should that change when things are done remotely?

With the hands-free Presenter Mic, speakers are able to express their ideas freely via video without ever needing to worry about audio quality.

Catchbox Pro Presenter Mic System
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