The Eureka get’s an update …

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July 12, 2016

Most Ballarat-ians will have memories of the Eureka Stockade Hotel – not the one that is burnt in replica each night at Sovereign Hill’s ‘Blood on the Southern Cross‘ … That Eureka Hotel belonging to James Bentley was burnt in protest in 1854 which subsequently led to the ‘Eureka Stockade’ affair – now touted as the ‘Birthplace of Australian Democracy’


eurekaThe Eureka Stockade Hotel in Eureka St that has recently had a complete refit & re-opened as Carboni’s Pizza Kitchen.

Part of the overhaul included removing the old Background Music system and installing a new system from scratch.

roof-1The old system was in a poor state & actually getting to the original mounting points to replace them was a dirty job – think of many years of accumulated rat, possum & unknown droppings & a LOT of dust and dirt.

Simplicity was the request, so we opted for a 100v Line system using the inDESIGN BA4120 giving us 4 zones with individual control via wall-based attenuators.

Have to say the inDESIGN EZ 8-15 Ceiling Speakers are the easiest install ever – tapped at 10W we’ve got headroom to spare.

And it all sounds great! (Plus the wood-fired Pizza makes it a worthwhile visit)