Jekyll & Hyde – Ballarat Lyric Theatre 2019

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January 4, 2019
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Jeckll & Hyde Poster

Jeckll & Hyde PosterFrom the moment the concept album ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ featuring the amazing Anthony Warlow AM in the lead role was released, we’ve been discussing how we would light this spectacular show …

Now that it’s finally being staged by Ballarat Lyric Theatre, a few of our preconceptions have been dropped …

To start with we can’t have a revolve in Wendouree Centre of Performing Arts to reveal the board of Governors for each of their damning rejections.

Jekyll & Hyde together

There are also challenges in lighting a space without the traditional wings & legs – low-angled side lighting, which can add to dramatic looks, is close to impossible.

However – one idea carried through … Contrast.

The show’s theme is duality and this cannot be carried if the lighting doesn’t follow the mood.

A ‘gothic grey’ wash of Lee 201 may set the era, but it’s difficult to portray a joyous engagement party or a bawdy alehouse using the same dominant wash.

Luckily LED technology has given us an almost infinite palette of colours to work with and the ability to instantly alter the mood of the scene.

Jekyll & Hyde -Laboratory
Jekyll & Hyde - Bar Scene

Ballarat Lyric Theatre’s production of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ is showing at the ‘Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts‘ from February 28th to March 10th 2019
Tickets available online